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Stair Lifts and Ramps

When you have difficulty walking or need to use a wheelchair, scooter or walker, even one or two steps can prevent you from getting around your home. A full set of stairs can seem like a nightmare. Maybe you don't go down to the basement as often as you'd like, or up to those second floor bedrooms. The place you call home feels more like a land of obstacles. You may even be thinking you have to move. But there are changes you can make that let you stay in the home you love.

A stair lift can give you the freedom and independence you’re looking for, with safe and easy access to upstairs bedrooms, basement laundry room, garage or emergency exits. You no longer have to worry about slipping on the steps, the pain of achy joints, or the sheer exhaustion from going up and down a flight of stairs.

If you have steps leading to your front door or porch, you can get an outdoor stair lift or a porch lift. Porch lifts let you easily maneuver a wheelchair from ground level to the porch, like taking an elevator ride.

Ramps can be installed on the one or two steps it takes to get into your house, or on the thresholds to make it easier to maneuver a wheelchair, scooter or walker.

At MediEquip, we carry a full range of lifts and ramps for your home (and for your vehicle). Whether you are recovering from surgery, illness or injury, or live with limited mobility on a daily basis, or need to make your home and car more accessible for a parent or other loved one who visits or lives with you, MediEquip has a variety of products that will help maintain an active and independent lifestyle.

Browse our sections listed below, and then give us a call to arrange for a free in-home evaluation, or you can come by one of our convenient locations and try out one of our working in-store displays.

During the free in-home evaluation, we’ll take measurements and assess any special considerations such as curved or multi-level staircases, then tell you the cost and let you know approximately when the stair lift can be installed. For in-stock stair lifts, we can usually install within two to three days, schedule permitting. For stair lifts that need to be ordered and built by the manufacturer, we’ll give you an estimate of how long it will take, and call you once we receive the stair lift to set up an appointment.

MediEquip installs residential and commercial stair lifts from Bruno, a leading manufacturer. In fact, MediEquip is the largest dealer of Bruno stair lifts in the Midwest!

Bruno SRE-2010


Straight-Rail Stair Lifts

A stair lift can be installed on virtually any kind of stairs: straight, curved, or multi-level.

The SRE-2010 Electra Ride Elite from Bruno is a great straight-rail stair lift for any home.

To see more photos and videos on the SRE-2010, click here for Bruno's web site, or for more information, check out the brochure.


Bruno logo

Curved Stair Lifts

If your staircase is curved, or if there are multiple levels with landings in between, we can create a custom stair lift to fit your unique needs.

The Bruno CRE-2110, shown here, is perfect for any configuration, in any home.

To see more photos and videos on the SRE-2010, click here for Bruno's web site, or for more information, check out the brochure.

Call us for a free evaluation. Our certified installer will come to your home, take some measurements, and let you know exactly what your stair lift will cost.

Bruno CRE-2110
Outdoor Stair Lift


Outdoor Stair Lifts

Stair lifts for outdoor steps offer all the same features, quality, comfort and dependability as indoor stair lifts, but can handle any kind of weather, in temperatures from 0 to 125° F.

Powder coat outdoor paint protects all aluminum and steel surfaces, and exterior marine-grade vinyl is used for the cushions.

For more information, check out the brochure from Bruno.


Porch Lifts

Porch lifts, otherwise known as "vertical platform lifts", are perfect for any home or business with multiple steps not suitable for ramps.

Whether it's a front porch or back deck at your home, or a loading dock at your company, our trained installers will custom-fit your porch lift to your needs.

The Bruno VPL-3100 is shown here.

Click here for a video and more information from Bruno, or take a look at the brochure.

Porch Lifts

Stair lifts must be installed by an authorized technician. Our certified stair lift technicians have completed extensive training by the manufacturers. When you call for an evaluation, we'll ask you a few questions about the stairs in your home: whether the staircase is straight or curved, how many steps there are, if there is a door at the top or bottom of the steps, how wide the steps are. With the answers to these questions, you'll be well on your way to enjoying your entire home again.

To find out more, see "All About Stair Lifts".


MediEquip carries a variety of ramps for all types of steps and thresholds. Some ramps are fully portable, and can be used wherever you need them, for however long you need them. It's the perfect remedy for difficult entrances.

Rentals are available, whether you need something for the front door for a visit from your parents, or to help manage doorways and steps throughout your home after surgery or injury. For more information, see our Rental Policy.

Custom modular ramps are professionally installed by our trained technicians, and can easily be removed should you move to a new home. For a free evaluation, just give us a call.

The ramps shown here are from EZ-Access. For more information, see the brochure on Suitcase Ramps or Threshold Ramps.

Ramps can even be used to get a scooter or wheelchair into a van. For more, see Auto Lifts & Ramps.


EZAccess logo


Call us or stop by one of our convenient locations to see the lifts and ramps for yourself. Each MediEquip store has interactive displays for you to try, with an expert sales staff to answer any questions you may have. If you can’t come into the store, call us for a free in-home evaluation.











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