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We offer a comprehensive line of in-stock and custom compression hosiery and lymphedema garments from Jobst, MediUSA and JoviPak. Custom fitting is available at our South store by our Certified Custom Fitter.

Whether it's for tired, achy legs from long periods of sitting and standing, swelling from venous disease, or lymphedema after injury or surgery, we can help you find just the right product to meet your needs.


Jobst Compression

Compression Hosiery and More

By far the largest selection of compression products we offer at our South store is by Jobst, the compression hosiery brand most recommended by physicians, and the market leader in medical legwear for more than 50 years. We carry:

  • UltraSheer
  • Opaque
  • forMen
  • Relief
  • Sensifoot
  • ActiveWear
  • All Sleeves and Gloves

A limited selection of compression items can be found at any of our stores, so please phone ahead to see if the item you need is in stock at the location nearest you. For your convenience, we can transfer any item you need from our South store, usually in one to two business days.

For more information on the care of your compression products, visit Jobst's Wear & Care page, or give us a call.



We're very excited about our newest provider of lymphedema products, JoviPak.

JoviPak's ready-made and custom products help in the management of acute and chronic edemas. They offer sleeves, boots and other garments in a variety of fabrics. Our custom fitter will help you find the product that is right for you, and make sure it fits your individual needs.

For more information about JoviPak, visit their web site, or give us a call at our South store. 314.892.7000.

Jovi Pak







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